As an End of Life Holistic Caregiver, I provide nonmedical holistic support for the terminally ill, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  I work hand in hand with the multi disciplinary team and will facilitate by filling the gaps for a more meaningful death, by honouring the life of the person passing.  I will assist the family as they navigate this journey of transition, and create a space for a meaningful and dignified death. 

Logistical Planning & Support

Help in arranging and planning anything to help the families cope better.  Alleviating pressure from the loved ones so they can spend the quality time with the patient.  

Advance Directive

It is important to document the patient's decisions and wishes regarding their medical care.  This is the voice when they no longer have a voice of their own.  By having this on record you can ensure that the patients wishes are honoured until the end. 

Breathing Techniques & Visualisation

Simple breathing techniques help slow the heart rate and calm the central nervous system. It helps manage chronic pain and regulate your body's reaction to stress and anxiety.   This is beneficial for the patient and their loved ones.

Legacy Work

This is a practice that will help the patient and their families connect even when they are physically apart.   This helps cement memories, thoughts and hopes for those left behind that they can hold for the rest of their lives.

Vigil Planning

In some religions it is customary to hold a vigil with the patient where the families prays over the loved one.  It can also be non-religious where the family gathers with the loved on closer to the time of death.

Grief Support

Grief is personal and is felt and experienced differently for everyone.  Counselling helps you come to terms with the loss and supports the family.