Meet Jo


I have led a pretty normal life.  Grew up in a middle class household, finished High School, went to college, started working, got married, had two children.  Pretty much a text book life. 

I worked in the same corporate environment for 22 years.  In 2018 I decided that I no longer fitted in the corporate space.  My "babies" were young adults, Mom's taxi was no longer in service.. It was time to make a change, for ME!

Through the previous 6 years I had suffered enormous loss in my life. My mother passed in 2012, my eldest sister passed of liver cancer in 2016 and my best friend passed in 2018, she too had the dreaded "C!"  

In 2019 I had the privilege of completing an Ancillary Healthcare Course through Hospice Wits.  I felt at home! I had a strong sense of calmness and connect whilst working with the patients and felt strangely comfortable around the terminally ill (weird right).

I knew I had to broaden my expertise in communicating with people which lead to me completing the Lifeline Counselling Course.  Singlehandedly the most challenging yet rewarding journey in my life. I am proud to say that I am a Lifeline Counsellor, and part of the family of exceptional counsellors. 

Since then I have been trained as an End of Life Companion and Counsellor.  I have found my purpose in life and I am so excited!!! 

If someone had to ask me my goal in life, my answer would be "to help people die a peace"filled" death!"